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Fantastic Sams Hair Services for Kids

Fantastic Sams knows that kids like to have fun while getting a haircut. Our friendly and patient stylists keep kids entertained throughout their services. We have a snack bar with sodas, chips, cookies and candies that both kids and adults will enjoy before, during and after the haircut. Your entire family can feel safe and comfortable in our salon.

We cater to infants, kids, and teen-agers, giving quality haircuts to the entire family. Our expert stylists are trained in the latest haircuts for children and use advanced techniques when it comes to flat-tops, fades, and layered haircuts for boys and align bobs, layered styles and cute pixie haircuts for girls.

Our cleansing and styling products are safe for children and teens. We help kids of all ages feel comfortable whether it's their first time getting a hair cut or they are already a seasoned pro.

Each haircut is completed to your satisfaction and comes with a FREE toy and lollipop.

Click here to see our slideshow of the latest children's hairstyles.

Other Hair Services Specially Designed for Kids


Our experienced stylists know how to create beautiful updo's for all children's occasions – dances, recitals, graduation, pictures and weddings.

Click here to see our slideshow of updo's.


Spiker Hair Gel – Funky Hair Colors

We have a rainbow of hair gels and sprays for a cool, colorful style. Go from straight to spikey – or from your natural hair color to bright blue – with our products that are safe for your hair and can easily be washed out. Spiker gels give a temporary hairdo and the color gels are fabulous for Halloween, team pride and other special events.

Chelating Treatment for Swimmers' Hair

This special shampoo treatment is designed to remove chemicals from swimming pools and to remove metals (such as copper) that are found in water pipes or from a metallic working environment. Keep your hair healthy by having this done at least once a week if your hair is exposed to harsh chemicals or metals on a regular basis. For best results, use Fantastic Sams Clarifying Shampoo after swimming. Our products are safe for the entire family.

Shampoo and Conditioning Services for Dry Scalp

Children's dry scalp is also known as "Cradle Cap." Our shampoo and conditioner is safe for children and will add moisture while also preventing dry and embarrassing flakes. This specialized hydrating service helps to keep the hair and scalp healthy so kids are more confident to do the more important things.


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